Typography Class Portfolio

Project 01: Letterforms

Each drawing is an exploration of different type faces through three letterforms. Two letters were required, while the third was chosen by the designer.
This second drawing is a continuation from the first. It shows how line size, x-height, ascenders, and descenders work with one another to form each typeface.

Project 02: Words

The following photos are InDesign files that explored the importance of spacing between letterforms. Each student randomly drew a sans serif and serif font to work with and develop a spacing system for it using uppercase and lowercase letters.

Project 03: Quotes

Project 03 was an expressive exploration of a singular quote. The quote in the photos are from none other than Saul Bass. What began as a three part assignment, it worked with arranging the quote on the page with constraints. Each part lifted a set amount of constraints to explore creativity in arranging the quotes. In the final copies the quotes were set on melted crayons, water colors, and colored paper. Although the following shows the process to the final assignment.

Project 04: Contents and Title Pages

Project 04’s focus was greatly on setting up a page effectively. In each example there are different art and visual elements present to change the look of the page. Some use color and rules, where others are heavily focused on alignments, and type weight.

Project 05: Booklet

Putting together the past four projects, project 05 gave students the ability to combine their skills learned in class so far. With set text, the booklet was more for getting the message of AIGA across with artistic elements and without confusing the reader of the booklet.

Project 06: Final

Project 06 is our last and final project for typography, and the most creative of them all. Here we took everything we’ve learned to make our own font. Then apply that type to a poster.