The Daring Rebel

There is a little bit of a rebel inside of all of us, so let it out through your style. Show off your edgy side with layered accessories. Defy the basic boring staples, and rock eye-catching pieces. Bring drama to your everyday look through your accessories.

Let out your inner rebel through fashion.

To curate your fashionable accessories to fit an edgier style, find pieces in a darker color pallet. The darker shades will create a sharper, more pristine drama to the pieces. Pick out a mini studded backpack in midnight black to intensify the drama.

Accent with mixed metals of silver and gold, with the occasional rose gold to add a pop of color. This provides contrast to the darker colors and softens the looks up a bit. Layer a variety of thin and thick-stacked rings in mixed metals. Pair with a set of bangles in different shapes and sizes. The diverse shapes in the bracelet are bold and funky which will enhance the edgy look. Wear the bangles on one wrist, while the other contains a simple black ribbon bracelet. The variety of materials in the bracelets, add visual interest to strike attention.

To make a statement choose a confident choker, find a choker that can layer and be tied. For an added accent use a layered choker, double the ribbons equates to double the effect. Complement the choker with layered necklaces. The multiple necklaces are a chic combination that will immediately draw attention to your neck. Pair the necklaces with stud earrings. Mix and match the studs to create a fun vibe to the look. If your ears aren’t pierced opt for clip ons and for if you’re feeling creative use multiple clip ons along your ear to make your look edgier.

Add a thin frayed scarf for an almost daunting guise. The scarf will further draw attention to your neck and is an excellent technique to layer accessories. Choose a simple pair of sunglasses to incorporate into your look. Sunglasses, as an accessory, give off a sense of mystery. To complete this daring look finish off with beauty. Make up and hair are a prominent accessory, so keep your make up simple and fresh with a bold lip. As for the hairdo, opt for tousled hair with loose waves. Scatter small braids into the hair to create an unexpected effect. Add a dark liner or lipstick to complete the look.



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