3 Must-Have Fashion Sneakers

It’s time to toss out your uncomfortable run-down sneakers and opt in for comfort and style. No longer waste time choosing between sore feet or unattractive shoes, get the best of both worlds with healthy heels and attractive soles. Fashion sneakers are in right now. They provide both fashion and ease.

With a wide range of colors and textures shoe brands are coming out with a wider and wider selection to meet your taste. From Michael Kors to Steve Madden and Converse, see what a luxury fashion shoes can be. Check out these brands for stylish shoes with pops of color and a hint of texture.

Steve Madden

If you’re obsessing over velvet, then Steve Madden has got you covered. Madden’s sneakers are modern and fun. A selection curated with fantastic patterns and influential textures. Taking the new blush and velvet theme into blush and velvet sneakers. With its thicker sole, it’ll add a bit of height to your day as it runs a bit taller than other fashion shoes. Madden combines style with trends designing a shoe that is one in its own unique.

Madden adds a bit of fun by opting for a pop of playfulness with a puff ball on top of some sneakers. The puff ball gives dimension and texture to the shoe, while still maintaining unity and simplicity by keeping it the same light-hearted color as the rest of the sneaker. 


Simplicity is key in Adidas. Adidas sticks with a clean and pristine palette. Keeping a fashion sneaker that is interchangeable between workout wear and everyday attire. Not only do they have the basic Superstar shoe going for them, but now you can design and customize your sneakers to fit your own personal style. 

Unlike the Steve Madden, Adidas’ trainers have less of a heel. Instead the fashion trainers have a narrower fit accented in thin lines and colors to accentuate the fit of the shoe.

Michael Kors

Now Michael Kors may not be the first thought that runs into your head, when you think of fashion sneakers. But you are in for a surprise, because they have a wide array of trainers. From high-tops to metallic patterns and bows on the shoes, Michael Kors has a shoe for each occasion. Whether you are searching for a shoe for a casual day at the mall or going for a night out of town, Michael Kors’ fashion sneakers can complement a fancier event or a casual evening.

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