How To Cut Your Own Bangs

About four to five weeks after a haircut, bangs tend to grow out past the point many desire them to be at. So they are faced with the choice to schedule a hair appointment or cut their bangs themselves. Since cutting your own bangs can sometimes lead to a bad hair day, Aveda hairstylist Caron Testard offered her advice on how to do a general bang trim between appointments.

1. Select a pair of shears.

The key to a fantastic bang trim is a good pair of scissors. Look for shears that have a short blade. Never use paper or kitchen scissors, buy a pair that functions specifically for your hair.

2. Prep your bangs.

Bangs are best cut dry and natural. Steer clear of a wet bang trim for water lengthens hair and you may cut off more than intended. Also, avoid the use of a blow dryer and round brush for it can create a bump effect to your hair, which would mess up the shape of the bang. Instead lightly spritz your hair and let dry before cutting if it was previously blow-dried.

3. Measure them out.

With a ruler gauge a quarter-of-an-inch. One of the easiest ways to do this is to purchase a cutting comb that designates inches on it.

4. Separate and hold your hair.

Determine how blunt or soft you want your bang style to be. The farther that you hold the bang from your head the softer the bang will be. As the closer your bang is to your head the more blunt it will be.

5. Trim from the outside in.

Start your cut at the point of the eyebrow and trim the bang in a moon-like shape.

6. Utilize point cutting.

To avoid a flat, straight across look use point cutting. With the tips of the scissors cut the bangs in a vertical direction that creates small notches in the hair. This will provide texture to your bangs.

7. Finish the look.

Wipe off any loose hairs and make sure the look is even. Remember you can always cut more off, but you can’t put back what has already been cut. If you are still unsure of cutting your own bangs, ask your hair stylist for a consultation.

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