3 Best Hair Trends To Try This Spring

With warm weather on its way, there’s a spring in everyone’s step. Hairstyles blossom as many decide to begin this fresh season with a new cut. They slowly stop hiding behind their hair and lob it off. People trade out their dark tresses for lighter shades or a simple touch of highlights. Sun kissed hair and soft waves are everywhere you look.

Spring is the time to change up your look and dare to try a new trend. There is something about the season that motivates us to do more with our hair—to take a beauty risk. And finally try out that one hair trend that we’ve been dying to do. So, whether you want a cut, color or style, dive into spring with the three best hair trends.

1. Slicked-back and Sleek

This slicked-back look is sultry, yet sweet. With an almost wet or glossy feel to it, it creates a daring effect. One that is both empowering and fearless. It can be worn and styled in a multitude of ways from a low tight ponytail to fully down long and gorgeous locks. While this look can be parted either which way, try styling it with no part this spring.

2. Eclipting

For those who love highlights and balayage, eclipting is for you. An upgrade on the basic highlight, this hair trend integrates contouring with hair. Eclipting is when a darker color is applied to the base of the hair, while a contrasting highlight is purposefully spread throughout. Colors for this technique are chosen to complement your skin tone and features.

Created by Aveda this hair color movement works to highlight the hair and contour the face. Perfect for those searching for another way to contour.

3. Hidden Braids

If you love classic loose waves, there’s a simple way to spice them up. Add visual interest to your waves with tiny peek-a-boo braids. These small braids are fun and playful for any occasion. Place them within your hair in various shapes and sizes for extra dimension. Tighten and loosen the braids to provide texture. And don’t forget to experiment with different types of braids—fishtail and three-stranded braids.

For a more casual vibe switch out the waves for a high pony and incorporate your braids into the top of your ponytail. (This can also be done with a larger braid.) Accent the braids with colored hairbands for a special touch. Or weave in flowers into your hair for that touch of spring.

The key to spring hair trends is to have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone and take on new trends. Keep in mind your personal style, while choosing a trend to try out. If you want a drastic change, try out eclipting. If you want to switch up your hairstyle, opt for hidden braids. Or if you simply want to try a more sultry style, go sleek.

Either way let us know which trends you decide to try out.

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